[Trailer] Mercenary Kings is contracted for deployment for PS4 in the UK April 2nd

This beautiful metal-sluggy, cartoony, Scott pilgrimmy, many gunny, knife funn-y, platformy, DEFINITELY gonna keep me up till the early morny is set to blow your shoes and socks from existence. Ill be there to watch of course. Created by Tribute games, this game looks hella sweet… And four player co-op online or locally? Yesh plesh. Apparently there are over 300 gun parts you can use to customize and create your ultimate mercenary weapon too. Oh man, I cant wait to laugh at friends with their poopy guns while I run around with my ultra crit-shot weapons that I found the night before. I’m a snake i know.

Get this when it comes out on April 2nd. Add me on PSN @Jinkjones, and lets be the best darn mercenary’s this darn earth has ever heard of.. YOU HEAR ME MAGGOT?

You: Sir Yes sir!

Damn right. See you on the battlefield.

Oh and watch this trailer too.


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