[Video] My Girl Bayonetta W/ JinkJones [Playthrough Series Teaser]

Get ready for Jinkjones and his girl Bayonetta, Duffing stuff up. Series 1 Coming soon. When it drops all 7 episodes will be available immediately so get ready perv over the many positions she brings us in with. Mmm... Nice try! Coming soon to ird-ent.com (Estimated release date: 08/12/14) This post was written by @jinkJones,... Continue Reading →

[Trailer] Mercenary Kings is contracted for deployment for PS4 in the UK April 2nd

This beautiful metal-sluggy, cartoony, Scott pilgrimmy, many gunny, knife funn-y, platformy, DEFINITELY gonna keep me up till the early morny is set to blow your shoes and socks from existence. Ill be there to watch of course. Created by Tribute games, this game looks hella sweet... And four player co-op online or locally? Yesh plesh.... Continue Reading →

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