Last minute iRD Royal Rumble 2014 Predictions

Hey guys it’s me JinkJones,  here are my last minute royal royal 2014 predictions.

Tag Team champion match
I think and hope Cody and goldust retain.

Big show vs brock lesnar
I have a high amount of surety that brock will win just based on the way big show was dashing him around on the last couple of raws.

Bray wyatt vs Daniel Bryan
I think DB will win overall with some outside interference from the wyatt brothers, just to lighten up the mood for the main event.

John Cena vs randy Orton
I reckon randy will retain. Only reason is cos Cena will have a wrestlemania match regardless of what happens. Randy needs this. I’ve noticed they have been doing an underdog thing for Cena the past few. Not sure I want to see Orton in the main event of WM though.

Roman reigns will do some phenomenal things tonight probably breaking up the shield in the process. I want to see a return of RVD, Jericho, dolph, Shane McMan and someone big like shelton Benjamin. Word is Batista is destined to win this one but I hope not. I want RVD to win or someone entertaining to watch as a WM title match.

Hope I’m right, let’s see tonight.
I’ll be reporting all my hype from belushies in shepherd’s bush, London. I’m around a whole bag of wwe so this should be fun.

@Jinkjones on Twitter. See ya there.

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