[@WWE] How to Push Brodus Clay from now to wrestlemania (Part 1) @Brodusclay


I’m a wrestling fan wrestling move user. If you know me personally, you would already know that. WWE is like the male soap opera that guys need in order to escape to a beautiful fantasy land. In anticipation of Wrestlemania in April and royal rumble this sunday I would like to share how I would push my good buddy Brodus Clay (He follows my dummy account on twitter @JinkJonasClay) up into a what could be a beautiful wrestlemania match. So lets go.

I think its been good that brodus hasn’t been on TV recently, the last time i saw him (Main Event) he gave a great Heel promo that a lot of us didn’t expect. If you haven’t been following his storyline recently, new comer Xavier woods made his debut whilst using Brodus clays music, Clay is angry this happened but woods claims he asked to borrow his music and clay said yes. Well from then clay’s gentle giant gimmick has diminished resulting in Brodus turning on all the people he once loved. See the video below.

The Push –

I would make Xavier woods do something epic at the royal rumble, sort of like kofi’s ways of getting back into the ring that everyone would respect him for.

Now the way I would push clay is to wait until the monday night raw after the royal rumble PPV. I would make XWoods have his usual squash match with fandango or whoever he jobs with and make woods win as normal. Now while woods, the funkadactyls and truth do their little after match dance, make the music stop and have a young black boy come out in a black and white suit, mostly black with white lines, kinda like how brodus is dressed in the video above, but make him have a mafia hat that doesn’t reveal his eye. Make this youth come out with new music so everyone thinks hes an new superstar or something, he must have no emotion, kinda like how undertaker comes out, dim the lights as he enters and have a spot light only on him and woods. In the boys hand is simply… a pen and paper.  He approaches woods while woods’ climbs out the ring to slowly approach him too with wood’s expression like WTF is this about. He hands woods the paper whilst its only still them under the spotlight. Woods thinking he is fan wanting his autograph takes the pen and paper and proceeds to sign it whilst looking pretty smug about himself. After signing it woods gives the paper and pen back with the look of i’m the ish and turns around to go back to the ring with R-truth and the funkadactyls. Cue a shot of the youth’s face giving a cheeky sort of ‘You just signed your own death contract’ grin, lights go out completely for 2 seconds, two spotlights turn on, one on woods, one where the youth was, but no youth, just brodus in the same suit, as woods back is still turned towards where the youth stood, cue a shot where through the darkness you can see R-truth and the dactyls shouting behind you! Woods turns around slowly to see brodus standing there grinning the same way as the youth. Clay drops a new finisher, something like MGC (Machine Gun Clay) where he picks up woods like A machine gun holding him by his neck and bottom at a straight angle and slams woods on the metal flooring outside the ring. It HAS TO LOOK BRUTAL. Lights go out again, lights turn on again, enter the youth again standing over woods body for like 10 seconds and makes a slow swift exit. Once gone, lights come on and truth and the dactyls rush to his side leaving everyone in shock.

I think this would definitely put both woods and clay well over, everyone will be thinking who is the youth? whats happened to clay? Is he fully heel? is woods alright being slammed on the metal flooring? and then i would leave it radio silent for a few weeks. 🙂

and thats just part one.

Hope you liked it, there will be more in the future, I just woke up with this storyline in my mind. Stay tuned!

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Written by @JinkJones

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