Sightings of venomous spider in UK, Orpington & Greenwich


There has been sightings of a new form of spider in the UK, London to be precise. Its name is the False Widow Spider. It is known to be venomous and can kill people that are allergic to it. Its size is of a 50 pence piece. It is said to not attack unless provoked.

There has been 50 seen in one mans garden in the Orpington & Greenwich area. being an expert on spiders himself he said: 

he was surprised they were in the garden and not in the house so I’m just worried about them coming in for warmth. I had seen a couple of babies so knew they had young. I went out with my torch one night and the fence was coming to life.I caught one and I’m sure it was a male. I put it in a glass with one of the baby spiders and it just killed it within seconds.

One man in Sidcup South east London said that once he received a bite from one it had turned his hand yellow and black. It was swollen like a balloon for 5 weeks after then having to take antibiotics.

There is a full article on the spider here (Via ‘The Independant’)

My advice, you see any thing smaller than you with a big back-off, run.. Run very fast. These are not things to ramp with. it also says not to call 999 but to attend A&E yourself. I say bun that, call any number you wanna call. If a venomous spider bit me, i’m calling the police, ambulance, doctor, fire brigade, parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, aunties… you get my drift.

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