Reviewor – Dragonball Z: Battle of gods


Battle of the gods is the continuation of DBZ after the Buu saga. The second film after Dragon Ball: Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!! (when we find out that Vegeta has a living brother). Son Goku’s quest for the ultimate fight of his life stops here when he’s faced with someone with the same agenda. The Z fighters are faced with the challenge of keeping  the ‘God of destruction’ happy.. PUDDING! (You’ll get it when you watch it)

Earlier today I tweeted out that I will be reviewing battle of the gods on the @irdentourage twitter and my boy replied back that he was ‘Disappointed’. I personally was very impressed with it. It was a beautiful feel to go back relive my childhood and see all my favourite characters back in action. It even had me chuckling all the way through after seeing Bulma drunk on sake to when Bulma earns herself an epic backhand from the villain. My expectations of the transformation in it was very low, but once I saw it I loved it. Very much worthy of over writing SS4.

I would highly recommend watching it if you are or was an avid DBZ fan this movie will definitely not disappoint, I don’t know for my boy, definitely a lost soul, Sorry bro. It felt good going back, we can only wait for the next film or even hope for a saga.

Reviewor score – 8.9/10

Oh yeah, there is a new saiyan on the way. wink wink.


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