[Tune of the day] Rick Ross ft. Lil Wayne – Thug Cry (Mastermind) Selected by @chrisbeattie87

This tune of the day was selected by one of the resident iRD Squad members. He noticed that I hadn’t put up a tune of the day and said ‘Yo Jinkies, make this the tune of the day!’ and his reason for this specific tune is, as quoted:

“Being so far away from your goals at the same time you have a girl wanting to love you and take you away while having to deal with stress trying to live the life of the rich person you are not..”

So there you go, our tune of the day for today! you can find out more about the ever growing iRD Squad very soon as we are creating profiles for all members. Look out for that.

This post was written by @jinkJones, follow @iRDEntourage for more news, music, games and fashion. We do competitions too! See ya on the flipside!

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