[PS4 Trailer] Nuclear Throne

Let me explain this game for people who don’t get it and instantly call it another boring PS4 Indie game before even researching it.

This game I would say is similar to a third person COD zombies. Each character you see there, there are tons more by the way, all have their own perks and weaknesses, for example the character ‘Eyes’ can see better in the dark giving you better view in sewer levels or ‘Fish’ can do a dodge/roll move or theres one that starts off with a sword. The character profiles are here – http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=188161792

Anyway your objective is to make your way without dying through various randomly generated levels with tons of enemy and downsides to each level, for example sliding on ice, or shooting in the dark with a small field of view. Your end goal is to get to the nuclear throne. Whats there? no body knows.. But watching a developer play yesterday, he told us not even he had got to the end. So whos going to be first to get there ? I sure will be going to get there before my friends. I cant wait. Give the game a try guys, its not your simple boring indie game.

This game is currently out on early access on steam, Release date for the PS4 + PSVita is soon to be announced.

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