[Reviewor] Bad Neighbours (Movie Out Now) – by @JinkJones & Miss Lo


So me and a beautiful lady wanted to go see a film yesterday but I have seen the only two good films that she would probably allow me to watch anyway. (Amazing Spiderman 2 &, Captain America: Winter soldier). But the whole point we were out was for the sole purpose of watching a film, so we had to choose something we would both agree on. Sabotage was out of the question in her books, so second choice was a film called ‘Bad Neighbours’.


Bad neighbours is like a neutral new school American pie with the standard sort of frat boy/high school vibe combined with a sort of ‘ted/family guy/Kick ass’ humour. It stars a family played by Seth Rogen (The dad) and Rose Byrne (The mum) with their new born daughter, inside a house they have strived to pay for. Being comfortable with leaving their party life behind and starting up a family, the couple crave for at least a little bit of action. In come new neighbours, a fraternity (Lead by Zac Efron) here to give them the action they ask for.


I personally loved it. It’s randomness is exactly the humour I love. Seth Rogen is a funny guy most definitely. I love the fact the he is using the actual age he is to correctly play out his role in the film. I feel like I can relate as I’m getting to that moany adult age, I can feel it coming on. 😦
It also made me feel a sense of happiness due to the fact that the beautiful lady sitting next to me (Miss Lo) was chuckling through-out. It has a rewarding storyline and great parts like the ‘Bros before hoes’ bit or the ‘Uprising of assface’ that had me rolling in my Cinema seat.


I asked Miss Lo her opinion of the film and she said:

It was good! I would definitely see it again!

And so would I. So we recommend you go see it if you want a good comedy to watch if you have seen everything else out at the moment, it’s definitely worth the money.

Miss Lo’s Reviewor score is 50/100 and I give it a 60/100, giving it a grand Reviewor score of 110/200.

Watch the video below if you haven’t seen the trailer already.

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