In a long time I have not been so excited for a Dragonball Z game, official or non-official. I think the last Dragonball Z game I rated highly was tenkaichi 3 on the ps2 and Wii. Since then I don’t know what these developers have been doing with their lives but they have been doing the fans like me a great dis-service.


Now enter HYPER DRAGONBALL Z 2014!! A game for the fans made for the fans. Made with mugen a team decided to make the ultimate Dragonball Z game that we’ve all been waiting for. With great inspiration from the darkstalkers and street fighter series they have created cinematically beautiful fighting game with an easy to play, hard to master style. This includes tons of fighters each with their own noticeable fighting styles and unique transformations.

Its a beautiful thing and I cannot wait to touch this myself. But sadly it’s only out in demo stages expect to experience this soon.


Meanwhile watch the video below for game play and more information on how to get it.

Oh and look out for Goku’s shin shryuken!! I marked out at that point =).

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