[Reviewor] Captain America: Winter Soldier


Captain America: Winter soldier (Film: UK release 26 March 2014)

The shield flies once again to the big screen for marvels take on the Cap’s second independent film away from the avengers. I was very skeptical about seeing this as i really really hated his first movie alone. The world war thing bored me. The special effect through-out the whole film bored me. But i guess they had to tell his story I guess and introduce us and then kill off red skull and the army known as hydra. Now in the future after the events of the avengers film, we join our hero doing what he does best… being a hero. still working with S.H.I.E.L.D he feels uneasy and deems the very company he works for untrustworthy. This leads to madness with a major main character loosing his or her life, and the return of someone(s) we have encountered before. This is a shocking blast from the past for the cap but he does not let this hinder his hero duties.

My personal view on the film itself is.. well bloody done Marvel, you have made another smash hit movie with a stunning storyline, gorgeous fight scenes and beautiful plot twists. At first i came in sleepy and not upto the 2 hour and 15 minute sit down but that quickly got thrown out the window. Scarlett Johansson nearly gave me a japanese nosebleed the way she moved in this movie and definitely gave the film the sex appeal we all want to balance out the film’s action. This is much better than Thor 2 and iron man 3 that was released before this.

I would definitely recommend this a watch and is definitely worth seeing it this week in the cinema, as always I would stay away from the 3D as it’s really not worth it (I saw it in 2D myself). Also look out for the trailer for the guardians of the galaxy movie that maybe the next marvel film down the line. (Im pretty sure X-Men days of future past should be coming soon also).

iRundis Entourage Gives Captain America: Winter Soldier a REVIEWOR score of 9.2/10

P.S. Remember to stay after the credits as there is a beautiful surprise of twins that will definitely prepare you for the next marvel installment.


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