STAY AWAY FROM Sony Playstation UK’s Store and customer service


A little heads up about the PlayStation UK online store and network you should be aware of.

Hello all.
I would like to share with you all a trail i am going through with sony at the moment. I am professional game journalist with my own website and company with full confidence in my knowledge of all gaming systems. I own a PS1, PS2, PS3. PS Vita & PS4. I have been using all of these consoles for half of my life and have full love for all of them.

Now i would like to tell you all what happened to myself recently. I have loved buying products from the ps store since buying a PS3. I know how to use the store with my eyes closed. I have previously brought brought the ps3 to ps4 upgrade for COD Ghosts on the ps4 launch day. That is a key factory to this post. After many disconnects from the network and troubles with playing call of duty all day i decided to browse to the store to see if the new ps+ games had been released, Not yet but i decided to try out Zen pinball 2 on the store since it was free. I downloaded it no problems. Now, i open the game up to try it out and it had this ridiculous system where in order to try out the certain add-ons for the game i had to download a ingame demo from the MINI-INGAME-STORE. I saw no problem with this, so a box came up confirming if i would like to purchase the demo add-on for £0.00, after this pointless screen, it downloaded, and allowed me to play the demo. Impressed with the game i tried out various different demos that were apart of this Zen pinball game. So after the 4th demo i downloaded, i attempted to do the same with the zen pinball doctor strange demo add-on. I press to download the demo which brought up the MINI-INGAME-STORE once again. I press confirm and it loads the process, for me to realise that It had said wallet funding would be £54.99 and game would be £54.99. Shocked by this i aborted it instantly. Shook my head in disbelief and said no that could not have happened. Anyway leaving it i decided to try to download this add-on again. Which was successful this time. But i had to double check if i had been charged for the random error. I goto my transaction history to see that i had indeed been charged and it was for the purchase of COD Ghosts a game I already own.

Now obviously in my anger and confusion i call up sony UK PSN support to find out what had happened, and ask for a refund. I get through to a guy called David. I explain to him the error and what had happened. Although trying to be helpful told me there was nothing that i could do even explained that he had the same problem himself with PSN and Amazon. He also explained that I might have had call of duty ghosts in my cart at the time i went to confirm the download of the Addon, But if that was the case I would have been charged at the same times i had downloaded the first of the 4 addons. I explained to him that i already own COD ghosts before hand would have no need for the digital version of the game as i already own the disc. He explained there was nothing that he could do. Unhappy with this I requested A manager. David said this is fine but I will be told the same thing by the manager. I explained very calmly that I would still need to speak to a manager. He then said there is no manager around as they are all in a meeting right now. I said this is important so could he please grab one for me, he declined saying he is keeping an eye out but doesn’t see one at the moment. I said ill hold. He said this is fine but insisted that the answer would be the same from them. I then explained that that response would be unfair as it was an error inside of their program. He then explained that no one else has had this problem so its not a known problem and he had this ‘You maybe lying’ attitude. I still continue to hold whilst trying to keep a hold of my anger. He then says he’s going to pop his head in the meeting to see he can pull a manager out to speak to me and puts me on hold. he comes back 3 minute later saying that they refuse to come to the phone as they would be wasting their time to tell me the same thing. At this point i blew my lid. David did say if i would like to speak to a manager could call back later (it was already around 5 – 6pm when i called) or i could call back tomorrow. Then in order to calm down i accepted and came off the phone to jump onto my bank to sort out blocking the payment as it is now pending.
I was told to call back the bank during open hours for the fraud team to deal with it. I slept on it and thought i would try to sort it out with sony again. I called up again to speak to a guy who sounds a lot like David by the name of another generic name. I immediately asked for a manager. He told me I can speak to manager but i would have to speak to him first about my situation. Frustrated already i told him i would not like to explain myself again but i told him anyway. He then said that sadly there will be nothing that i can do about it. I said that it is not fair as it was a problem on their systems behalf and he said that it is not their fault at all. Getting frustrated i said i would like to speak to a manager and no one else please. He then explains that all the managers are busy with other calls at the moment as there are other people in line first to speak to them. I said i will wait, then i was suggested to allow them to call me back, i said i would rather not, and i would hold, he insisted again, and he said thats all they can offer if I would like to speak to the manager, I then said okay when will this be.. He said later on today or tomorrow asking for a good time to call. I asked why i wasn’t offered this option yesterday and he tells me he dunno.
I also asked if i was to cancel the payment from coming out of my account with my bank what will happen to my PSN account where i have brought various games for my vita, ps3 ande ps4. He told me that my PSN account will be banned and so will any consoles associated with it.
I laugh in anger give him my contact details and come off the phone.

I am sorry, I am displease with the effort and service from the support team along with thier attitude and terms of service. I have worked in customer service for 8 years and i know that this is unacceptable. I am not a stupid customer that can be brushed off and I will fight this fully. I feel like i have been bullied into keeping a product i already have brought from the same company. Banning the consoles and account is unfair as I will loose everything I already spent money on resulting in me loosing over £1000+ worth of stuff for an error with thier Store/Game. Being the last of my funds until the end of the month i am now rendered broke. Working with media firms i will let this be known until it is sorted.

After making Playstation my full time gaming choice out of the console wars and writing many posts for websites including my own promoting Sony’s practice, this will force me to make a change of opinion i will definitely promote away from the company in the future.

Thank you for reading and please share with friends for their heads up.

Please advise me of any steps i can take if possible.

Alexander ‘JinkJones’ Rose.

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  1. i guess i dont need to tell you this but first off its your fault for not looking at the cost of what you was buying.. i for one always check even if its free i will make sure its 0.00 before i go through with the purchase.

    that said however you have rights.. even if you have to use the “Faulty goods and sale of goods act 1979” on them.. as you are entitled to a full refund for up to 6 years of anything you buy. and you are entitled to that due to you apparently paying for something other than what was advertised.. state that to them and they should sort it out to you on the phone there and then. failing that you can send the letter to Sony head office (i have the file i can send you if need be for the letter, just fill in the gaps) and you can bet itll be sorted aswell as extra goodies after what you have gone through.

    although i can help you definitely sort this problem out i would like to say that i dont feel it is fair to post this about sony due to an employee that for all you know never even tried to get a manager.. instead hes just one of those people who want to start trouble. so instead lets sort the issue at hand out which i can and will help you with if needed and lets not blame a company for what could be one angry employee’s actions.



    1. Hello there James,

      Thank you for your reply. You have provided the help I have been looking for and as you said i will need more help.
      I agree, it is partially my fault, i should have checked but obviously clicking on a demo that i had previously clicked on before i did not expect any charge. But yes i agree with you. Thanks.

      So what can we do from here? Don’t get me wrong i love sony and what they do and i wouldn’t want any other gaming company to be successful more than them and yes the said individual has now ruined my outlook on the company drastically but i am subject to change, I just want a resolution. I have no problem putting money into them in the future either but £55 for something i already own from them, with no intention to buy again, is outrageous. To me this is a large sum and not an oh well you brought it you keep it situation.

      With a decent resolution I am willing to put sony back on the map for future posts and events i create and even promote the outcome of the situation.

      So what I am saying James is please help me resolve this as you know what i have to do.


      Alexander ‘JinkJones’ Rose


    2. Also it’s less about sony, its more about their policies, and how they can use it to bully you out of a refund. I shouldn’t have to fear for my PSN account and consoles because I want money back for something I have purchased a twice. Even then there should be an understanding that as a customer who called straight away after the purchase had been made, has an urgency for what happened and they should have an urgency to resolve the case. It has been 3 days without any resolution.

      This attitude within the company definitely needs to change.


  2. Hello again Alexander, dont get me wrong i agree with you 100% in your views just not in the way you provided them aka telling people to stay clear when it would seem to me its just a troubled employee, but under the stress i cant blame you.
    To threaten a ban on all of your accounts/consoles is both false and terrible management and execution of a company. If that was to happen you would legally be obliged to get your accounts back unless you purposely attempted fraud (aka keep your console offline thereafter, as what they would do is disable the game you bought via the internet) however as many people can tell you, sometimes you will buy a product and after the purchase your bank may cancel it (after its all gone through) on suspicion of fraud.. not a common thing but all the same it does happen. The people in that situation do not find themselves banned.

    Now lets get to the important stuff. i will try not to bore you with it too much however i will try and give you the short of where you stand.

    When you paid that money and clicked confirm you signed a legal binding contract for that item. Which leaves you strung as you signed the contract you should have read what you signed. However in this circumstance that isnt actually the case. as the contract you signed when you clicked confirm doesnt actually exist. you paid that money for a DLC which is advertised as being “free £0.00″ therefore it falls under false advertising as even in the store itself it is free. Under the Faulty goods and Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended)” you are entitled to a full refund for what you purchased. They legally have to respond within 7 days of your letter (if you choose to mail it to them as appose to explaining to them over the phone in which case you should get the result instantly) although allow a couple of days for the letters to be received both ends. here is a copy of the letter made by the BBC for if you choose to go that route, and i suggest you send it to sony headoffice and nowhere else

    keep me up to date on how it goes and if you would like more/a more detailed explanation. i hope you get your money back soon as i agree its no small sum. if you have the times that you called aswell tell them as they record all calls and they will be able to find the employee responsible that you spoke to as it seems to me (someone who knows business’ pretty well), that a company would not treat you the way he has made out especially in this situation.



    1. James thanks, ive got your email and ill definately keep in contact with you throughout the process. I should be sending it monday. Should i just fill out that letter and send it or include a covering letter?

      Thank you very much.



  3. Hello Alexander, I would suggest including the situation with it too, explaining what happened to cause the mistake. So at least that way they know exactly what has happened and hopefully rectify the problem.



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