The first Q1 iRD ENT update for 2014 !

Hey guys, first of all, i would like to apologise for the lack of posts on the site recently. On the 2nd of jan, on the way to work I was taken out by a car leaving my shoulder and arm in a great pain and out of commission not allowing me to post anything on here. 12 days later I am around 90% fixed. In my time off, i have been reflecting on how lazy life has been Businesswise and personal-wise. This needs to stop. I had an original plan for this website and it was to be posting daily news and reviews on music, games and fashion. I have not lived up to this. This year i plan to. With a major change to my work schedule at work too, I will not have any excuse! So keep checking very often.

We plan to bring you a whole new manor of products, videos and competitions this year so be very excited. We have in the works:

  1. The next episode in the iRundis Music Free EPs to be released on the 2nd of Febuary 2014.bb014
  2. ‘We are iRD’ Our video feature documentary that describes the history of the group that is iRD and who we each individually are.weareird
  3. BDP – ‘Big Dutty Playthru’ is a show where we playthru a bunch of games taking the piss out of it until we die. The playthru could last 2 hours or it could last 2 minutes. Seriously brilliant stuff with guest appearances and whatnot so stay tuned to the iRD youtube page!bdp

With that said we will have loads more of the usual news and reviews, but these are confirmed projects to kick into action before April this year! look out for the competitions too! Be apart of the entourage and follow us on Twitter @irdentourage.

Much love to you all !

Follow us on Twitter For more updates and competitions at @iRDEntourage

Written by @JinkJones

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