[Video] Busta Rhymes busses a switch on a Woman for calling him Ignorant


This video seems to be old but doing the rounds on the net now. It looks like he is on tour trying to make it back to his tour bus to take a dooshe. Waiting outside the bus there are two women and their kids asking for a picture.. Obviously the man is a celeb and he needs to take a number two so kindly tries to go on with his business and the woman decides to call him Ignorant and all hell breaks loose. 

Who’s side are you on? The lady’s side or Busta? Personally I’m on Busta’s side due to the fact that he don’t owe anyone Jack, he is a human being after all. I bet you that lady hasn’t even brought on of his records and even if she did you cannot demand anything.. you can tell she got shook though.. Haha.

Anyway Watch the video, tell me what you think in the comment section below. 


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