[iRDtroducing2u] BOD Machine (Artist Q & A’s Session) – @Bod_Machine

BODman BOD Machine is literally a machine made to go great artistic lengths. Coming across this guy in a youtube video where he skanked hilariously to a SICK ‘Bongo Jam’ remix, I searched for him HARD. I ended up finding him on facebook. After a few convos here and there, we remained acquaintances. Years later, scrolling on my facebook feed I see various pieces of artwork. GOOD pieces of artwork. I check the profile attached to it and it was the one and only BODman. 


He draws very abstract and abnormal pieces that i really like. What do I mean? Try, a black girl that looks like she’s left her house in south london wearing half an crazed ape head placed on her head like a fashion accessory, or a space chick fully equipped with a visor and laser gun or fin and jake from adventure time fused together spitting out a brain into thier hand, and a whole lot  more. Majority are characters with over the top expressions that cant help but make you think ‘Thats deep, how did he think that up, let alone draw that?’  Dogs, pandas, scary looking enemies from space jump in the mix too. Hes done alot, and they are all in his sketch book waiting to be unleashed.


We managed to catch up with Bodman for a question and answer session so here we go!:

  • when did you find out your can do beautiful things with pens and paper?

Erm, I’ve always doodled since I can remember, but I only just started taking it seriously for 4-5 months now, but I feel more driven by art I’ve seen about, and listening to music deeply and creating art from what I see in it. (if that makes any sense lol).

  • where do the laser guns and, afros, space creatures, big lips and over the top expressions come from?

Loool, I have no idea I enjoy drawing lips but haven’t a clue why. Afros are sick when looked after properly and other than Boondocks and Afro Samurai its rare you see them, so I love to use them. My BOD Machines armed with laser guns and visors are for the futuristic Robot/Machines that will be running tings. I was a big fan of Dragonball Z and Gundam wing. Oh yeah, the crazed smiles are influenced from crazy people around me, mangas and cartoons, which I twist and develop into my own style!

  • Nice, What have you got planned in the future and where would you like to take your art?

Well, Summer 2014 im featuring in a Uni Art Exhibition so it gives me a chance to get my work out. Venue and date hasn’t been confirmed for that yet (But iRD-ENT.com will let you know) Other than that Nothing has been planned as of yet, but I’d like to work on a comic involving the Bod Machines and get a clothing brand up and running in the near future.

  • yessss im looking forward to that, ill be there most def, Are there any other artist that inspire you?

Off the top of my head, I really like MackGraphicX work, and also FunnyTummyArt, you can find them both on instagram.

  • Are you open to contracting, artwork purchasing and working with people? if so, how can people get ahold of you?

Almost everything I do people can purchase, they are all originals created by myself, but yeah my email is BodMachineArt@gmail.com, people can get at me there. Ill definately work with anyone who is serious and has vision, passion and does stuff I like. You can also find my art on facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/BodMachine, Instagram @ http://instagram.com/bod_machine and twitter @Bod_Machine.

Well thank you for the interview J-aims, I always appreciate art work as I used to draw myself but with all these distractions these days its very hard to keep focused on it.

Thanks man.

So there you have it, please keep an eye on him as I believe he has a very beautifully painted future with his artwork. Got something to share? get at us on twitter at @irdentourage or at me personally at jinkjones@ird-ent.com.


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