iRundis Music Presents – A2 (@A2Artist)


 “He has never stopped in delivering GOOD music. I really do not know why he’s not a lot bigger than majority of the people out there who do one or two vocals a season and get praised over the Youtube. He should definitely be taken seriously.”

This man right here, in all honesty, has been the one person to show me that good music does not have to come from fancy studios up in America, or mainstream artist for that matter, It can come from your own ends. He has also been the person who single handed made me realise my musical level needed to step up. Knowing him back in the day personally, I never forgot how reserved he was, and how he didn’t really share much about himself. We met at a youth club back in 06′ after being introduced by A very good friend of mine, Slimz. A2 came for a season and we never saw him after that, only Slimz. Now, Slimz also a guy who made tunes too, knew how into music I was said to me after we had just done a vocal, ‘Do you know W—— (A2) makes music too?’… Me with the most confused face ever told him no. ‘Yeah man he’s sick! i’m gonna bring in a CD of his beats tomorrow!’.. And that he did. The next day he brought in a CD full of beats, but not just any old beats, they were very well re-made and remixes of well know grime beats by Wiley, jammer and so on. This completely blew me away. I genuinely thought that no one was up to par with the well known names that produce beats. But not only that, he had recreated the tunes from scratch with the same Plugins they used and made the beats his own. Here is an example:

From then i knew that I had to get ahold of him. Shortly after this, I found out he also did a lot of vocals work and was on radio extensively. His work rate was up there. Made me think personally I was slacking. I managed to do a vocal or 2 with him and even produced remixes of his beats and he has done remixes of mine. But that was back then. After I slowed down in 08′ he fully left me behind. Grime was interesting when I heard what he had next.

ImageHe made a manor of mixtapes. ‘Beats for free 1 – 5’, ‘A2’s producer’s guide to grime Vol.1 – 3’, ‘Detention With A2’ and tons more. He has never stopped in delivering GOOD music. I really do not know why he’s not a lot bigger than majority of the people out there, who do one or two vocals a season and get praised over Youtube. he should definitely be taken seriously. Now lets jump forward to the recent years. Now apart of ‘BadsideUK‘ His music is better than ever. As grime has died out, he has moved onto a new unique sound. He now has an PBR&B vibe quite like ‘The Weeknd’, i like to call it ‘Deep music’ personally. It is Superb and his new EPs do not have one tune to dislike. I would advise you to check his stuff out, its free and worth your time and rewinds. Check the soundcloud links below:

‘A2 – Hennessy thoughts’ Full EP [2012]

‘A2 – Faded Photographs’ Full EP [2013]

Also we have a preview of his latest EP ‘VII‘ with the track OXYMORON, which has a lot of promise to be another sweeper. Check it below:

‘A2 – OXYMORON’ VII EP PREVIEW [Expected 2013]

Look out for him and badsideUK. Follow him on twitter ‘@A2artist’ and on soundCloud @ to keep up to date.

His tune Buena vida from his EP Faded Photographs has a Video below, Enjoy!

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