Black ops II eerily Satisfying on PC

Just before the mother of all games comes out (GTAV) i find myself at 2am this cold sunday morning playing black ops II on the PC. Since steam is offering a free weekend i thought… meh i’ll give it a try. I sold my copy of it on the PS3 thought I was done with it, but nah i’m here.

Anyway upon loading up multiplayer.. aiming and getting my first kill.. I felt a little happiness in my bones. COD doesn’t do this for me any more, I thought. But with every kill and death the usual sigh that followed after i rinsed it out the PS3 version didn’t come. I just smiled.

I wanted to write about it so we are here. If I didn’t do so I would probably be on it still right now and its 05:18 as i type.

What is the difference between the console version and the pc version that brings this zing I feel? I cant quite put my finger on it but I think its the fact you can actually aim properly with the mouse and keyboard in counter to the controller and my graphics card makes the HDness of this stand OUT!

Even though i lost in the first few games, after unlocking my own classes and using the type 25 i began to fondle with the beautiful jiggly bits of the female parts of the game to make it go in my favour. I know how to do that well, Wink wink.

Thanks Valve for making this old dude happy before the Floyd vs Canelo Fight. I will be back on later on today.


Download black ops 2 for free for the remainder of the weekend here.

– JinkJones

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