FIRST IMPRESSIONS // 10 Useful Tips to Build Positive Relationships Before Saying Hello Being sociable is a major part of life and when it comes to meeting new people theres no second chances at making a great first impression. So heres TEN useful tips to follow and build positive relationships from the get go. In this episode @Olivertography reveals one of his many awkward moments, can you... Continue Reading →

WHAT IS SMART CASUAL?! @Olivertography takes on the social dilemma that is the Smart Casual dresscode, which can appear somewhat contradictory to many. Here's how to never go wrong... Can we hit 500 likes?! Subscribe for more: T-Shirt: Zara Blazer (Grey): Zara Jacket (Burgundy): Zara Shirt: Zara Belt: All Saints Trousers: Zara Shoes: H by Hudson Welcome... Continue Reading →

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