[Tune of the day] ‘Trina – B R Right (featuring Ludacris)’ #iRDSummerRevival

The first tune in the #iRDSummerRevival collection. This tune back in 05 was the grime tune of the summer! Albeit a R&B tune someone realised it could be mixed with grime and im glad they did cos the instrumental was F2D! I miss the vibes in a shoobs playing these types of tunes. Did you... Continue Reading →

[Tune of the Day] Jhene Aiko – The worst (10/12/13)

Theres just something about her voice that is so... *Does A Manly Grunt*.. you know? I want her, But until I get her, listen to her song called 'The Worst' Via her Vevo.Follow her on twitter at @JheneAiko¬†and she also has an album out called 'Sail Out' on iTunes and Amazon If you like her... Continue Reading →

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