FIRST IMPRESSIONS // 10 Useful Tips to Build Positive Relationships Before Saying Hello Being sociable is a major part of life and when it comes to meeting new people theres no second chances at making a great first impression. So heres TEN useful tips to follow and build positive relationships from the get go. In this episode @Olivertography reveals one of his many awkward moments, can you... Continue Reading →

Don’t Forget to Like the iRDENT FB Page for a Chance to win a Pair of iRD B&W Huaraches

Monday we will reveal a giveaway¬†to win a Fresh pair of iRundis coloured Black & White Huaraches over on the iRD Entourage Facebook page [] along side with some other goodies, so just like the page and soon you may be able to win a bag of iRD prizes. Remember keep an eye out on... Continue Reading →

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