Dead or Alive 5: LR [VS MODE SIMPLE SHOWDOWN HYPE!] – House of Grandé ft. RO-IN (Season Finale) [VIDEO]

When you have a house you have guests, so this is a show where Dos Grande plays random games with friends that come to visit. Today in this episode we have RO-IN from Team CTUK and he has some choice words for intro and the challenge he issued him, lets just say, PREPARE FOR A... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] [Friday Night Impact] – DiveKick Part1 w/ JinkJones, Deevee & Franks [60FPS]

Chillin on a friday night with the mandem, and this is what we end up with. FRIDAY NIGHT IMPACT!  The game is Divekick from Iron Galaxy on the ps3. This matchup is JinkJones versus DeeVee with Franks1985 on commentary. Look out for Franks1985 Vs Deevee Next week! Official Website : WWW.IRD-ENT.COM Official Twitter : @iRDEntourage... Continue Reading →

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