Dead or Alive 5: LR [VS MODE SIMPLE SHOWDOWN HYPE!] – House of Grandé ft. RO-IN (Season Finale) [VIDEO]

When you have a house you have guests, so this is a show where Dos Grande plays random games with friends that come to visit. Today in this episode we have RO-IN from Team CTUK and he has some choice words for intro and the challenge he issued him, lets just say, PREPARE FOR A... Continue Reading →

ULTRA BOSS BATTLE – Black Panther [Far Cry 3] S1 EP1

Join us on JinkJones first Ultimate Boss battle adventure. This beast right here is big, dark and sexy.. And i ain't talking about the black panther. 😉 Will he be torn to death by the panther and his friends? let find out in ULTRA BOSS BATTLE !! This post was written by @jinkJones, follow @iRDEntourage... Continue Reading →

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