[VIDEO] Battlefield 2042 Custom & Crossover Skins

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yliaineCEsk Join me in the discussion of whether or not Battlefield 2042 should have purchasable custom skins and crossovers like Fortnite and Call of Duty? Will it kill your immersion? Or is it something you'll enjoy? Join us in the comments below! SOCIALS TWITTER: @DOSGRANDE TWITCH: TWITCH.TV/DOSGRANDE WEBSITE: http://WWW.IRD-ENT.COM

[Video] New Godzilla movie set for 2014 – See the trailer here!

If you didn't know, the trailer to Godzilla 2014 was released yesterday. Even though it is a Japanese creation, hollywood seems to have taken it on board and it looks blimming sick! it has a battlefield kinda vibe to it. (You know, that film with rihanna in it) This is turning out to be a... Continue Reading →

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